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  1. Hi Tony
    I purchased my self before Christmas an Air Arms TX200 HC in 177 calibre and am delighted with it, it accurate easy to use.
    Now since then I have been watching YouTube as you do and come across (shootingatdawn) and his fitting of your 22mm piston conversion kit and I have found you and your installation videos for the kit.
    How much do you charge for a kit I am in no hurry for one.

      1. Hi Tony
        Thank you for getting back £110 sounds fine postage would be Birmingham so let me know the cost of that, and the method of payment.

        1. Peter

          drop me an email tony.leach_at_gmail.com just replace the _at_ with you know what and we can get things sorted 😉

  2. hi tony
    have heard good things about your tuning kits on forums, then on youtube I found the fitting video
    for the 22mm tube conversion.
    now my question is do you supply a kit for a weihrauch hw 95k but here’s the twist its .20 calibre
    and how much do you charge for a complete kit

    1. its not the same for a break barrel gun just yet as the piston is needed to cock the gun, the sliding breech guns the piston is not used to cock the gun…so break barrels a little more complicated

  3. Gents not been monitoring the blog here to much but that will shortly change. If anyone wants to get hold of me you can get me over on here https://www.facebook.com/airguntech/ or via email at tony.leach_at_gamil.com without the _at_ obviously 😉

    Going to be back on here a little more going forward, my own space, posting what i need etc.


    1. Hi Tony I have one of your 22mm conversations in my tx 200 and I would like to purchase a couple of breach seals ,and possibly another kit in the new year ,where can I buy them?many thanks John.

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