Test post to see if pics are okay.

lets see if this works ok… 😉

Prosport 22mm conversion

4 thoughts on “Test post to see if pics are okay.”

  1. Hi Tony
    I purchased my self before Christmas an Air Arms TX200 HC in 177 calibre and am delighted with it, it accurate easy to use.
    Now since then I have been watching YouTube as you do and come across (shootingatdawn) and his fitting of your 22mm piston conversion kit and I have found you and your installation videos for the kit.
    How much do you charge for a kit I am in no hurry for one.

      1. Hi Tony
        Thank you for getting back £110 sounds fine postage would be Birmingham so let me know the cost of that, and the method of payment.

        1. Peter

          drop me an email tony.leach_at_gmail.com just replace the _at_ with you know what and we can get things sorted 😉

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