Well its time to get going, not quite like it was, maybe better…we shall see.

New start a fresh.

Having moved to Facebook a few years back, as that’s where everyone was going, I neglected this site for a while. It had been hacked and essentially turned into a porn server so everything old on here was lost. I have pics, and can remember what I did back then, but so much has now changed.
I want to bring my blogging etc back here, I now tune rifles and sell tuning kits part time, my intention is to keep it that way (part time), however, I need a place away from Facebook rules where I can show what I supply, give updates on stock levels and post whats on my mind. There will not be a buying page for now, its heavy maintenance and I don’t want to be overly bogged down, so inquiries and sales will happen over email (for now) which means slower but i can live with slower.

Instead of showing how I re engineered a specific gun (as I was doing) i’m going to cover what I have learnt.
So if you are coming over to see how I tuned my Diana 280K or my HW80, you are no longer going to see how I did it. My piston nose extension for the TX to shorten the stroke from 2012 is still in my pics folder but you ain’t going to see that either!

So where am I going to start?

Everything I do, has a fixed datum, everything has to be to UK specific rules. I am totally NOT interested in anything FAC, I don’t even think about having the extra power available as a good thing as I can’t go there. So I wont be touching on over UK power levels at all, I also will not answer question on FAC power levels either, so don’t bring questions on FAC/high power as I will just delete them!

My intention is to work thru what I have learnt, the problems I have solved and where I want to head going forward. I will not be touching on what “others are doing similar” as I am not interested, if they happen to be doing the same thing then its a good case of “great minds think alike”.

I will report on manufacturer product releases and if we see any innovations. The spring airgun industry has stagnated for over 40 years so we shall see if any changes are being made. Along side my thoughts and products I will feature ideas and products from others I feel are worthy of being pushed to a wider audience. My hope is traffic will return here, and news I post will spread.

Don’t expect anything mainstream, every springer out there can be improved, every springer designed for high power can be engineered for UK sub12 FPE a LOT better than just fitting a weaker spring.

Thats enough for now, I will get going over the next few days, the plan is an update once a week if I can going forward.


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  1. Good luck with the reboot Tony. The Facebook comment makes a lot of sense. I will watch this site with interest.

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